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I came across this sentence and want to make sure it is properly said; “Item must be obtained from use points that are located within a specific area…”
can someone explain "use points".

Thank you for your help, :confused:
  • Ralf

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    Hm, honestly this sentence doesn't make too much sense to me :confused:. It sounds like extracted from an instruction manual poorly translated by a translation machine.
    'use points' might stand for 'points-of-use", which would imply a technical background
    . But I'm not sure if this would make sense at all. I think some more information about the context could be quite helpful.


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    I agree with Ralf that the sentence doesn't make sense, and more context would help!!

    If his suggestion doesn't make sense in the context, then the only thing I can think of is that maybe they mean "user points." :confused: I belong to a group that send me e-mails, and I earn points by reading short advertisements, or maybe taking a short survey. (200 more points, and I'll have enough for a $25.00 gift certicate to Barnes and Noble!!:D) Every time they send me updates to my account, they state "User points=____"

    Maybe that helps?


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    Thanks Ralf for your response,

    The context is an instruction to use an item comming from a specefic area, I guess what is being said is; Item are to be use at specific starting points in a certain area. But it is very unclear any suggestion on how this could be rephrase correctly ?


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    Sorry, but I don't have a clue or even can see a conclusive interpretation. So let me have a guess:
    What about USE-Points with USE as an acronym for some corporation or for Ultrasonic Scanning Equipment / User Support Environment / ????...??? In this case just try this link: and check out if the suggestions do match the context.

    On the other hand: Are you sure that the instruction you've mentioned is not about a computer game, where you have to collect items of certain or differing value? So it might be possible that these items can be utilized and gathered in specific places called 'use'-points and stored, dumped or anything else in other points.

    Anyway, I believe the English language offers much more opportunities to put it more precisely. Please let me know if this could help.