Use the word " hard" to make a sentence [How to say this?]

Discussion in 'English Only' started by angelsp, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. angelsp Member

    Another question, make out and make up, are they the same in there?

    If we need to use the word " hard" to make a sentence, do we say

    1. Please make up a sentence using "hard".
    2. Please make out a sentence using "hard".
    3. Please make a sentence out of "hard".

    Which one is ok?

    Thank you for help.

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  2. owlman5

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    I understand all three of your suggestions, Angel SP. :) I think the first and third sentences are fine. Your second sentence sounds very informal. Also, the phrasal verb "make out" often has unrelated meanings (Such as to make out a check, or to make out the blurry letters on a sign), so listeners or readers might misinterpret the second sentence. I prefer "make a sentence" or "make up a sentence".

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