use wax for waterproofing

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  1. nic456 Senior Member


    防水材料 is the noun and 使防水 the corresponding verb. Maybe some of you know that there are traditional jackets where wax is used to waterprooof the cloth. My question does not refer to textiles, but I am wondering how to construct the meaning
    use wax for waterproofing / use wax waterproofing.
    1 使用蜡防水材料
    2 使用蜡使防水 [maybe you object because the object of waterproofing is omitted]
    3 使用由蜡使防水
    4 用蜡使防水
    5 以蜡使防水

    Which of the options sound(s) natural to you?
  2. zhg Senior Member

    You'd better provide us with a complete sentence and show us how you intend to use "use wax for waterproofing" because you know context does matter a lot.
    without context I would say 用蜡作为防水涂层/疏水涂层 sounds more natural to me.
  3. Lucia_zwl

    Lucia_zwl Senior Member

    Hi nic456,

    I would simply say 用蜡防水. You don't need 使 to make 防水 a verb, as 防 itself is a verb which means "to prevent, to protect/resist against".
    To describe the jacket you mentioned, I would say, 用蜡防水的夹克, or building on zhg's reply, 用蜡作防水涂层的夹克。
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  4. nic456 Senior Member

    Thanks for your replies.

    Sorry, but there is no further context. Imagine using a well-known operating system where you have can tick or untick Show hidden files and folders.
    Thanks, but if you read, I stated not textiles (or clothes). BTW, you must be looking forward to Christmas 2013 or you enjoyed Christmas 2012 having Santa Claus as an avatar.
  5. tarlou Senior Member

    The above corrections are according to grammar/logic. However, a correct logic is not sufficient in Chinese. You also need to consider the number of characters and idiomatic structures in certain contexts. That's why it's better to provide us a complete sentence.
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  6. zhg Senior Member

    Sorry to be rude, but I don't understand why you ask me to imagine using Windows.Is it some kind of related to what you've asked in your original post?
    The reason why I ask you for more information is that I don't know what you mean by "construct the meaning use wax (for) waterproofing" .It seems a bit ambiguous to me.Do you mean
    A. "to use wax as an waterproof material"
    B. "to use wax to waterproof something"
    C."to use wax to change the physical property of a special substance so that it can possess the waterproofing property"
    or simply you want to ask us how to say "use something for something" in Chinese.
  7. nic456 Senior Member

    Thank you for your corrections and contributions.
    No offence taken. I wrote "use wax for waterproofing" which can also be changed to a noun phrase "use wax waterproofing".
    It means to use wax to waterproof something (B.), use wax to make something waterproof and I honestly cannot see any difference between your points B. and C.
    I mentioned the operating system because on interfaces you often just get phrases, nothing else, no complete sentences, which really is annoying at times. Few words, but you also need imagination to guess. :(
  8. Skatinginbc

    Skatinginbc Senior Member

    Mandarin 國語
    Hi, Nic, you seem to be frustrated that some of the posters have failed to understand your wants. It is not surprising since English, the lingua franca with which we communicate with each other, is not the first language of most posters here. For instance, “use wax waterproofing” doesn't sound natural (“use waterproofing wax”?) and is NOT a noun phrase in my mind. Since no specific context is provided, I will use my imagination and give you some options: 上蜡防水,打蜡防水,涂蜡防水, 用蜡防

    I guess how wax is applied to the material is what Zhg wanted to know . One may soak it (浸蜡防水), seal it (封蜡防水), plaster it (涂蜡防水), and so forth.
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  9. nic456 Senior Member

    Hi Skatinginbc,
    No, I am not frustrated. I am thankful if not grateful for any contribution and envious of your command of English. Compare this to my level of 汉字/普通话. Envy is the most honest form of acknowledging!

    use waterproofing wax = waterproofing refers to wax, if you want to be precise a participle, waterproofing, is used as an attribute
    > This gives the impression to use this kind of wax rather than a another kind of wax.
    use wax waterproofing = this is a shortened version of the more complete expression and I suppose you would find it in titles. Programmers who write text that appears on computer screens also often favour this sort of langauge to save space.
    > This emphasizes the process or waterproofing as an aim.

    Unfortunately, a translator usually has limited knowledge of what is translated unless you work for a company (in-house), and even then... I do not know too much about the process itself. Usually, you add a layer on top of the layer to protect this side against exposure to moisture or liquid. I only mentioned no textiles because I had learned that a different term was used for an embossing tool for textiles rather than non-textiles. Thanks again!

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