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The bold ones are my choices. Do you see anything wrong with them?

1. He ---- conferences more often when he started this job.
a) attended
c) would attend
d) used to attend

2. He ---- a conference yesterday concerning the effects of the environmental pollution on children.
a) attended
b) would attend
c) used to attend

3. A strange man ---- me home from work three times last week.
A) used to follow
B) followed
C) would follow

4. In the past, women ---- the career opportunities that they have nowadays.
a) wouldn't have
b) didn't use to have
c) didn't have

5. There ---- a boy at our school who always ---- whenever he ---- anything wrong.
a) used to be / used to laugh / used to get
b) would be / would laugh / would get
c) was / laughed / got

6. I ---- about six years old when my grandmother ---- me an umbrella with a handle shaped like a parrot.
a) was / gave
b) used to be / used to give
c) would be / gave
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    Well 4b is understandable, but people wouldn't say it so I definitely think c is the best choice.


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    The sentence already includes a clause that defines a time in the past (when he started this job) so no time marker other than simple past tense is needed for attended.

    2&3 :tick:

    Again, there is a clause that defines a time in the past so have needs no time marker. If we omit In the past, used to have would be correct:
    Women didn't use to have the career opportunities that they have nowadays.

    One used to is enough, two excessive, three appalling :)
    Similarly with would.

    6 :tick:

    My comments.
    They may not all be correct.

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    They are more helpful if the original poster and those responding offer an explanation for uncertainties and suggested answers.
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