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I can't quite get the difference between "user" and "utiliser". For example, in the following excerpt from a recent article in Libération:
Rajoy a aussi usé du thème de l'immigraton...

Rajoy has also [used] the immigration theme...
Is there a better translation here than "used"?



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    "Used" seems fine to me in this context. The main difference I can see, grammatically speaking, is the fact that de follows user when it has this meaning, whereas utiliser is used by itself. :)


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    Good morning!

    "Utiliser" is simply "to use" while "user" would be "to make use of" and would imply the deliberate use of something to achieve a goal.


    je souhaiterai traduire une formule simple "utilisez (= user de tous moyens) ce que vous voulez, vélo, moto, bus, mais suivez mais voiture " , puis prendre par le verbe anglais "use" ce qi donnerait donc

    "use what you want, bike, moto, bus, but follow my car" !!

    merci d'avance pour vos réponses


    pardon il s'agit bien entendu de "mais suivez ma voiture " et non "mais suivez mais voiture" toutes mes excuses pour cette erreur de frappe!
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    Use any transport means.

    Whatever mode of transport you prefer (or select), please follow...
    Whatever your chosen mode of transport, ...