Uses of "You all" and "We all"

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I would like to know in proper and correct usage of English, can I use "You all" and "We all" such as:

You all did a great job.
We all have had a tough time.

or should I change it to "All of you" and "All of us" as the correct one.

  • kayokid

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    English, USA
    Personally, I think "all of you" and "all of us" is the better choice, particularly if this is something more or less formal. "You all" and "We all" in your example sentences are perfectly fine in everyday informal speech. People say this all the time.


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    It depends on the formality of the situation. I would use "all of you" and "all of us" if I'm giving a speech, but "you all" and "we all" if I'm complimenting my colleagues.
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