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    can you help me with a sentence like this? is an article required before BA and MA? is it better to use 'from' or 'at' X University?

    He has acquired his BA qualification/degree in Business Management from/at X University and a/the MA qualification/degree in Law Administraiton from/at X University.

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    "His" takes the place of the article "a" in front of "BA" so it would be more parallel to allow the "his" to apply to MA (repeat the "his" or no article).
    So either:
    his BA and MA = his BA and his MA
    a BA and an MA.
    Saying "His BA and an MA" makes it sound a bit like the MA is not "his."
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    He has earned a BA in Business Management at X U. and an MA in Law Administration (or, at my university, "Administration of Justice") at Y U.
    He has a BA in XYZ from X University and an MA ... from Y. University.
    I would not use the word "degree" or any other noun after BA and MA (or, since I'm old-fashioned, "B.A." and "M.A.").
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    Thank you very much

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