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I want to list the classes I am taking now. However, when sociology and politicis indicates one class not two classes, can I list as follows:

I took economics and sociology & politics. or

I took economics and socioloty and politics.

Which one is correct?
  • entangledbank

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    They're both correct. Correctness isn't the problem here. The second one is very confusing, because it's not clear what your classes are, or how many there are. So you need to do something to make this clear, and the ampersand ('&') is one way of doing this. Others are:

    I took economics as well as sociology and politics.
    I took economics, and sociology and politics.
    I took both economics, and sociology and politics.
    I took economics and also sociology and politics.

    'As well as' or 'also' are clearest. Or just repeat 'I took':

    I took economics and I took sociology and politics.
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