Using Only Non Credit Payment References


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Good afternoon. I need help with this translation in Spanish. Here is the English which comes from a lender's requirements for Homebuyer education:

For any transaction when the credit reputation for all borrowers is established using only non-credit payment references.

My attempt: Para cualquier transacción donde la reputación crediticia de todos los prestatarios está establecida usando solo referencias de pago fuera del ámbito crediticio.

What this means is that the borrowers would use other payments other than what you see in a credit report to validate their credit worthiness. My problem is I am not sure if this is clear in my translation.
Thank you for your input.
  • Joe Esquire

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    Hi, Daisy, your context is correct as to “non-credit payment references”, as defined by underwriting standards issued by FNMA.
    Here is a slight tweak, for meaning:

    “Con respecto a cualquier transacción en la cual la reputación crediticia de todos los prestatarios se establezca utilizando solamente referencias de pago no relacionadas con actividades de crédito .”