Using the Monolingual Italian Dictionary from Android App

Discussion in 'Comments and Suggestions' started by charlie98370, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. charlie98370 New Member

    Poulsbo, WA USA
    Engilsh - US

    I don't think know if this is the right place to ask, so please redirect me if it isn't.

    How can I get directly to the monolingual italian dictionary in the Android app? It only allows me to select "English-Italian" or "Italian-English." I can trick it by entering a word for which there is no translation and then following the link to the monolingual dictionary, but that's tedious.

  2. mkellogg Administrator

    South Florida
    English - US

    We should have the monolingual Italian dictionary in the app in a month or so. Till then, please just bookmark the website to your screen. That will basically be the same.

  3. charlie98370 New Member

    Poulsbo, WA USA
    Engilsh - US
    Thanks, I'm looking forward to the extra tailoring of the experience you get with the app.

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