Ustedes son mis pichones en el domino


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Nacho juega domino con sus amigos cada miercoles, apuestan un poco de dinero y normalmente les gana con relativa facilidad. El quiere decirles lo que se diria en Slang de México:
"Ustedes son mis pichones en el domino"
¿Cual sería la frase equivalente en Inglés?
¿qué tal algunas de las siguientes?: "You are my clients", "You are my customers"
Agradezco su opinión
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    Thanks Speedler, "You are my bread and butter" has a close mining of "Ustedes son mis pichones in the domino". However, I always believe "bread and butter" is related to the main source of Food, money, and so on. For example: "The bread and butter of this company is to sell computers". In the case of Nacho's Problem his main source of money is not the money he wins every week from his naive friends. So I want to completely figure out what this issue:
    Even though Nacho's way of living is other think, Can one say his friends are his "bread and butter"?
    Thanks again for any opinion
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