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Venus, the goddess of love, has taken many forms, but one dominates. <deletion> Some version of this form — white, voluptuous, exposed — is eternally present in our culture, on billboards, on screens, everywhere. This is “sexy,” or at least its usual shorthand. One designed, mainly, by and for straight white men: the fruit of the “male gaze” that the film theorist Laura Mulvey described in 1975, which “projects its fantasy on to the female figure, which is styled accordingly.”

What does writer mean by
1. 'This is “sexy,” or at least its usual shorthand'
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    "This is what we understand to be sexy - or at least a simplified version of it, which we understand as supposed to be sexy."

    It's like the smiley face :) which is shorthand (i.e. symbolic) for 'I am happy'.


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    This is “sexy,” or at least its usual shorthand.

    It seems that “sexy” is being used as a noun here, not an adjective. That would make sense of the “one” in the following sentence.
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