uu kaasar kaaway ko...

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    Trying to make head and tails of this one. It is broken Tagalog, I think. If you could assist me with the translation, I would appreciate the help.

    uu kaasar kaaway ko kc c maanne ang asawa ng nagnakaw sakin ng mga cellphone sa kabilang bahay pati silver epal masyado eh d ko nmn kilala


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    I am still learning, but this is what I would say it means:

    Yes, I'm upset with my enemy/rival, because Maanne is the wife that stole my cellphone from the other house and also the silver

    The last bit is hard for me, but this is what I think it is:

    epal is just a term for makapal ang mukha (thick face), but i dont even know him/her

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