Uyghur: annangnisske, kissingnisske, kaper


Slovene - Slovenia
Sven Hedin, a Swedish traveller who sailed down the Tarim river in present-day Xinjiang in 1899, recorded a few expletives used by his Uyghur-speaking boatmen:
Towards evening the gnats began as usual to dance for their supper—and got it. I protected myself as well as I could with olive oil; but the boatmen, who always went barefoot, had a pretty rough time of it. Smack! smack! was heard unceasingly from each end of the boat, accompanied by exclamations such as "Annangnisskeh!" "Kissingnisskeh!" "Kaper!" words which are much more expressive if left untranslated. (Central Asia and Tibet (London, 1903), vol. 1, p. 112)

Naturally I'm curious what these expressions mean and what their standard spelling would be, and I would appreciate any information about this. (From some Googling my best guesses are: anangni sikmek = "f**k your mother"; qizingni sikmek = "f**k your daughter"; kapir = infidel.)
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