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Benim bir soru var.
This is from a story about a boy who went to see his grandparents who live in the country.

Dedemlerde hemen uykum geldi. Pijamamı bile zor giydim.

According to this dictionary uykum geldi. means I am sleepy. but it looks like geldi is in the past tense 3rd person singular (because of the di).

So if uykum geldi means I am sleepy, (present tense) how would I say I was sleepy?

My guess is that it should be uykum geldiyor. and in the future tense, uykum gelecek. The verb is impersonal while –um indicates that it’s me who is sleepy. Is that so?
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    Hello dec-sev,

    I am sleepy = Uykuluyum or Uykum var

    I was sleepy = Uykuluydum or Uykum vardı

    The feeling of sleep might strike the human body at any time. When that feeling occurs, we don't say "I'm drowsy" (uykuluyum/uykum var) that moment; instead, we say uykum geldi (it is understood that the feeling of sleepiness has come, and you'll most likely fall asleep shortly). Since sleep is something that comes unexpectedly, we express it in Turkish in this manner. I believe this distinction does not exist in English.


    Just to add, the verbs describing feelings are usually in the past tense, indicating that a transition into that state has occurred.

    Susadım = I am thirsty (I got thirsty)
    Acıktım / Karnım acıktı = I am hungry (I got hungry)
    Sıkıldım = I am bored (I got bored)
    Yoruldum = I am tired (I got tired)
    Üşendim = I am lazy (I felt lazy)
    Bıktım = I am fed up (I got fed up)
    Bezdim = I am frustrated (I got frustrated)

    ... and so on.

    Benim bir soru var.
    [...] sorum* [...]
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