Uzbek: verb stress

I always get confused with that. Does anybody know whether the stress in Uzbek verbs falls on the final syllable as usual or on the final syllable of the stem when conjugated in Present Tense?

I.e., is it Kelaman, Kelasiz, Keladi or Kelaman, Kelamiz, Keladi?

It is so hard to conclude from the fluent colloquial speech of the Uzbek.
  • r_waters

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    Sorry for delay. I am first day at the forum. If you still (after nine years waiting) need an answer, voila!

    All Uzbeks say "Kelaman", 90 persent of us say "Kelasiz" and "Keladi" , but 10 persent more often from the west of Uzbekistan prefer to pronounce "Kelamiz" and "Keladi".
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