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    Hi everyone,

    I can't find 'vázanost' in the dictionary, and Google translate offers 'limitedness', which doesn't make sense in the context. Here is the paragraph, found in Halík's speech "Katolická církev v České Republice po roce 1989":

    "Zároveň vznikají jiné formy náboženských seskupení - zatímco některé "novotvary" (typu sekty), ať už v těle stávajících náboženství nebo mimo ně, posilují zejména emocionální vazbu mezi členy a vázanost na charismatické vůdčí osoby".

    I was wondering if 'dependence on' might be a good translation here, but am not sure if I have understood correctly?

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    Yes, it is good translation.
    Maybe exists some better word for exact translation, but "dependence on" is right translation.
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    Practically any Czech adjective could be turned into noun using the suffix -ost but only the most frequent nouns of this kind are listed in dictionaries. Hence look for the adjective!

    It's one of the adequate usages in Mathematics.

    It's acceptable translation but it may mislead one to think that it means an asymmetrical relation (leader and followers) which is not implied (neither denied) by the Czech word. (I refer to the very word vázanost - hence ignore the adjective vůdčí.).

    Perhaps bonds to, ties to, close attachment to, linkage with, interlinking with.
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    ...allegiance to a charismatic leaders."
  5. Think about it as tied to - vázati means to tie, for example a knot. It means someting is tightly connected to somethig else.
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    Mr werrr is spot on, as often. I personally would render it as (emotional) bond here, kind of like when explaining the Stockholm syndrome. (not bond between .., bond to ..)
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    Dear all, thank you very much for the valuable information! That helps a lot. Best wishes, Slavicist

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