véhicule patrimonial

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Hi, all

I'm translating fragments of a website for a financial consultancy firm. Most of what's been said I've managed to find equivalents for, but this I'm a little foxed by...

[The company] has, over time, developed a whole range of fiduciary services. Ceux-ci englobent la création de sociétés et de véhicules patrimoniaux quelle que soit la juridiction.........

My attempt: This range of services includes the setting up of companies and of inheritance holdings, regardless of jurisdiction........ but to be honest, that's just a wild guess!! In this particular document, the word "Patrimoine" has been used many times for "Inheritance" and inheritance-related issues . . . . . . but véhicule has really got me stumped here!

Any suggestions gratefully received.

  • Glasguensis

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    You can translate it as "vehicle". In this context the same word is used in English, meaning a mechanism or means.
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