1. ventura Member

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    Por favor, necesito ayuda con una traduccion al ingles de un documento legal que incluye "vias de hecho".

    Sample sentence:
    "Por los fraudes, abusos o vias de hecho que se cometan a nombre de companias y otras personas naturales..."

  2. Bienvenidos

    Bienvenidos Senior Member


    Again, the Legal Terminology forum is specialized for these types of inquiries.

    Saludos y Suerte
  3. uio Senior Member

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    This should not be moved to the Legal Terminology forum. I am also looking for a better way to translate "vias de hecho" o "medidas de hecho." what these phrases refer to are when people don't solve things using legal channels, but rather physical ones, for example, with strikes, boycotts, and occasionally violence. Do we have a way to say this in English? Perhaps "take matters into their own hands?"
  4. stcairns New Member

    "Extrajudicial means" or "extralegal recourses" might apply. Violence would be extralegal for sure and strikes/boycotts can sometimes be against the law.

    (This is 6 years later, apologies, but the internet is for-ev-er.)

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