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Could you please help me with this phrase? I'm stuck!
Creating the vacation contingents for 2007
The context is a contract for IT services for HR, namely the implementation of an IT application to manage personnel data, and this is one of the steps during the implementation.
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    I think this is management speak for contingencies.

    If you have 30 people working for you, to maintain enough people in work on any given day the % of people allowed on holiday is 15%. This means that with factors like sickness, absence, long term sick and maternity factored at 15% also - you should always have 20 people available to work.

    Vacation contingents = maximum holiday allowance (in my opinion).

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    This phrase means absolutely nothing to me. It sounds very like an approximate, but not accurate, translation.
    Could you possibly give us more information?
    There are several different things you'd need to do at implementation relating to vacations. NealMc has suggested one. There are more.

    For example, you would need to calculate the individual holiday allocations for 2007:
    - To work out the allowance for each employee based on their contract and any special arrangements such as carried forward days, days taken in advance, full time or part time.
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