vacuum for three seventy-five cent cycles


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This is from Crawlspace by Stephen Graham Jones.
A man gives his friend a ride in his truck:

Then, after I drop him off, I vacuum the floorboard on his side for three seventy-five cent cycles.
The sound of the vacuum is strong and institutional, and I think I could do this for a job, maybe.​

I'm not really sure what the bold part of the text means. My guess is that he used a coin operated vacuum cleaner at a gas station or a car wash or somewhere like that, and did that three times. Does that sound reasonable?

Thanks in advance.
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    That sounds reasonable. I haven't used (or ever seen) such things myself, but it makes sense that there are coin-operated vacuums at some service stations, and then that would be the proper way of saying it cost 75c to use it once, and he did that for three goes. 'Cycle' is more appropriate to washing machines in a launderette, which go (cycle) through different phases.
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