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I'm trying to translate the following sentence (it's about pool cleaning):

With the "Dragonfly Skimmer" floating in the water, the hose connected to the vacuum plate, the weir should be between 5 and 10 mm below the surface of the water.

My try:

Con el Dragonfly flotando en el agua, y el tubo conectado a la boquilla del limpiafondos, la presa debería hallarse entre 5 y 10 mm por debajo del agua.

Lo más aproximado a un vacuum plate que se me ocurre en terminología de piscinas, es la boquilla del limpiafondos, que realiza un trabajo de succión.

En cuanto a weir, los diccionarios dicen que es presa, pero no me convence mucho como parte de un skimmer móvil, ¿alguna idea mejor? Gracias,
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    Could it have something to do with a device meant to catch debris from the water as it flows into the vacuum plate? It's a complete misuse of the word "weir," which is a dam or a blockage in a stream, sometimes intended for catching fish. But if here it's meant to refer to a part designed to catch debris, I can vaguely see why they opted for "weir."

    I'm not sure how to best translate it; certainly not "presa" Maybe "bloqueador" or "atraparesiduos," or something of that order.

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