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Hello All,

I don't understand the use of "vaillance" in this context:

Face à ce développement exponentiel des blogs illustrant la vaillance de la composante psychosociale du phénomène qui se propage, l’important pour une marque n’est pas tant de créer son propre blog que de savoir et de gérer ce que l’on dit d’elle dans les blogs. Car, aujourd’hui, pour rechercher des infos sur un produit, les acheteurs commencent par se tourner vers Internet.

My effort:

Faced with this exponential growth of blogs, which illustrates the [courage?] created by the psychosocial component of a phenomenon as it spreads, the important issue for a brand is not so much to create its own blog, as to be aware of and to manage what is being said about it in other blogs. This is because, these days, when buyers look for information about a product, they turn to the internet first.

The context: this is an internal company document talking about the impact of blogs from the point of view of the company.

Many thanks!
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