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Bonjour! J'ai une question en ce qui concerne "vaillant?" According to the dictionary, it refers to "brave" or "courageous." In the recent film La Vie En Rose (La Môme), one of the characters describes the young Edit Piaf as "Elle est pas vaillante." The subtitles translate the expression as "She is a sickly child." How does "vaillant" translate as "sickly" which is completely different than "courageous" or "brave?" Merci d'avance!
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    in this context, it means " she has a bad health" which explains she couldn't fight against a dragon for instance
    so, in the affirmative (vaillant) : courageous / brave
    in the negative (pas vaillant) : sickly, of bad helath

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    "pas [très] vaillant" has acquired that meaning. The idea is that you feel anything but brave or courageous when you're sick or simply down ;).

    "Je suis pas très vaillant aujourd'hui" means "I feel down today".
    As a permanent trait, is means having a weak constitution (as in the movie).

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