vales de despensa

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  1. robjh22 Senior Member

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    These appear to be some kind of vouchers for use in a cafeteria or something in Mexico. I hear it on a Mexican comedy show often. Translation or explanation, please?
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  2. Bella1 Senior Member

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    In UK we used to call them 'luncheon vouchers' but they could be used for any restaurant/cafe meals.
  3. robjh22 Senior Member

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    Thanks, Bella. I think you're referring what we call "meal tickets" in the USA, though you don't see them much anymore except in schools/university cafeterias, where you pay X for a semester's worth of lunches.

    I 'preciate ye!
  4. zumac Senior Member

    Mexico City
    USA: English & Spanish
    In Mexico, some companies issue "vales de despensa" to their regular employees as a free benefit. These are tickets which can be used in most supermarkets to pay for food and other items.

    These tickets are given to employees by their company, but are actually printed, controlled, issued and redeemed by one of several independent organizations with which a company does business.

    Depending on the type of ticket, they may be accepted in certain restaurants.

    The total amount of the tickets issued to an employee depends on his salary range, and there is a limit which is generally about US$125. These tickets are generally issued to the employees on a monthly basis, and they are not taxable.

  5. Blixa Senior Member

    Spanish, MX

    Exactly! that's what we call here "vales de despensa" but as far as I understood, it's a local benefit, so, Doesn't exist an English word for them??
  6. MHCKA

    MHCKA Senior Member

    zumac explains very good the concept, maybe aren't exist this tickets in U.S.A. Sodexho moves this tickets in México, maybe in your web page they named in English. Sorry by the trademark.
  7. nermal

    nermal Member

    Vales de despensa se maneja como "Market coupons".

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  8. Aligarro Senior Member

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    In Spain we call them 'ticket restaurante' and obviously you can only use them in restaurants which accept tem. I am not aware that you can use them in supermarkets, could be. Sodexho also operates in Spain among other companies.
  9. aranguren80 New Member

    The equivalent in English to "vales de despensa" is food stamps.
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  10. zumac Senior Member

    Mexico City
    USA: English & Spanish
    Food stamps are issued by an agency of the US goverment for low-income people who are eligible.

    They are not issued by companies to their employees.

  11. Pris.V New Member

    I guess the correct translation is food allowance vouchers or just food vouchers

  12. MHCKA de nuez Member

    Español - México
    These tickets aren't just valid for food... practically are money.
  13. covertcode Member

    English - USA, Mexican Spanish
    "Vales de despensa" in Mexico is somewhat like "food-stamps" in the US; in other words, they are vouchers for x amount of pesos you take to participating grocery stores and exchange for goods; however, the main difference with the US food-stamps is that in Mexico they are NOT given by the government instead they are given by the employer to the employee on top of their salary, usually once a month.

    Example: If an employee makes $8,000 pesos a month salary, he might get $700 pesos in Vales de despensa.

    Note: The employers (Mexican Companies) who do participate in this Vale de Despensa give-away, very few by the way, must get some sort of tax-brake or else they wouldn't do it.

    Therefore, stick to "food-stamps" or "food-vouchers".

    Also, just to clarify, travel expenses in Mexico is something way different, known as "viáticos".
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