1. ChocloConQueso

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    This is the context
    There was a person who parked on a certain parking space where other guys wanted to park. There is a group of guys who like to park on that parking space and DON'T like when others park on that space.
    One of the guys said to one of his friends, referring to the driver who just parked his car, "valió verga".

    What does that mean?
  2. Uriel-

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    New Mexico, US
    American English
    I usually hear "no vale (or whatever form of valer) verga". It means (literally) "(he's) not worth dick", but in English we would say "not worth shit".
  3. caelum

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    Northwestern Ontario
    Canadian English
  4. Garrobero New Member

    San Salvador
    As a native speaker, I believe "valer verga" in this case refers to the situation (no parking available, he took "their" space), not the driver. "Our idea of parking there shattered!" (Valió verga).

    If he would have been talking about the driver, he would have used the present tense, "(él) vale verga!"

    Just my 2 cents. Thanks.
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