valmiiksi kontallamme

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  1. Gavril Senior Member

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    I just saw the following in an Uusi Suomi column:

    What does "kontallamme" mean in this context? My guess is,

    "... in the face of even this business, have we already been numbed into readiness [= submission?] before the salespeople?"

    Does this sound right?

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  2. AutumnOwl Senior Member

    I would say "ready to grovel".
  3. etrade Member

    ...or polvillaan myyntimiesten edessä. Google: on all fours, down for
  4. Gwydda Member

    This might make more sense if you think of the verb "kontata" (to go an all fours or to crawl), used of how babies move about. Kontallaan and kontata both share the same etymology: "kontti", which used to mean "jalka, sääri, kinttu, koipi". Kontio (another word for karhu) most likely shares the same history.

    Kontio konttaa kontallaan.

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