valor de matrícula

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  1. miloquai Member

    como puedo traducir al ingles? Es una carta que le estoy escribiendo a mi tio,
    y quiesiera expresarle que desconozco el valor de la matricula universitaria, pero que en pocos dias sabré y le daré el dato con detalle.

    valor de la matricula (universitaria)

    muchas gracias
  2. tazx

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    España, español
    Price of the university registration

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  3. canton Senior Member

    Colombian Spanish
    Creo que "Registration fee(s)", también funcionaría.
  4. miloquai Member

    ok I am sorry for that, I wasn't very sure of that, that´s why I did not write my attemp, but i was right.

    Look, this is my letter, can you please check it, and tell me if it is allright?

    This week I have been doing all the diligences concerning the universitary issues. Yesterday I delivered all the documents, they were asking for.They haven´t told me the price of the universitary registration yet, but according to our stratification, they told me it is something between 1.800.000 and 2.200.00 pesos.
    the registration term will be from from july 1 to july 4, and I must download the invoice those days in order to report you the exact amount.


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