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    Hi! I came across a ransomware and I got confused with the text (I don't really speak Spanish, but knowing French usually allows me to understand the general idea of a written text).

    What confused me in particular was this sentence about how the person who got the ransomware infection has to pay a fine, something something, and they said it would be desda 150 hasta 550 valores básicos. What does exactly "valores basicos" mean here? By the way, it's entirely possible it's just incorrect, because ransomware infections usually use automatic translation tools to spread. Anyway, thanks for your help! :)

    Full sentence: El artículo 148 del Código Penal del República Oriental del Uruguay prevé a título de punición una multa por la cantidad desde 150 hasta 550 valores básicos o encarcelación por el plazo desde 3 hasta 7 años.
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    Hi Sirupas,

    Under my understanding, in this context, "valores básicos" is a way to relativize the amount of the fine. For instance, the fine can be 150 times the value of the minimun daily salary.........

    Hope it helps,


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    I thought it was going to be something similar, thanks a lot! :)
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    I agree with edval. However, you must consider if it is not specifically stated otherwise. For example, in Nicaragua we have a regulation to calculate fines that states that each "unit" equals 1$. It would then depend on Uruguayan legislation...

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