valued not the waves,


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Hi folks, this is cited from a book A new voyage around the world… (1723) by Daniel Defoe

Q: Does this “valued not the waves,” mean “this vessel did not take notice of the waves and overcome those easily” Something like that? Or it was subject “we” who did this.

…and though we had under us an excellent strong-built vessel, that, we may say, valued not the waves, and made very good work of it, yet we went away to leeward in spite of all we could do, and lost ground apace
  • I think so. The subject of "valued" is "that", i.e. the vessel.

    From the OED:
    value II.6.
    1591–1893 † transitive. In negative contexts: to take account of; to heed, regard; to be concerned about; to care. With simple object, indirect question, or infinitive. Obsolete.
    Very common from the mid 17th to mid 18th cent.