valutare l'impiego di soluzioni innovative

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    Ciao a tutti,

    I have not been able to figure out what this sentence is trying to say as there are so many meanings of 'valutare' in the WR dictionary. Can anyone help? The full sentence is-

    "Quale membro ufficiale del Comitato per le Tecnologie Informatiche, XXXXX si riserva di valutare l'impiego di soluzioni innovative"

    "As an official member of the Information Technology Committee, XXXXX reserves to assess / establish the use of innovative solutions?"

    The sentence appears in a company's business proposal.

  2. cerchi Senior Member

    Maybe "consider"?
  3. la rossa Senior Member

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    Grazie, cerchi!
  4. rubuk

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    From De Mauro: esaminare a fondo, sotto ogni aspetto: v. ogni indizio, ogni prova, v. il pro e il contro, le conseguenze di un’azione.

    Translation: to evaluate, to estimate the value, or to judge the worth of something.
  5. ..ed.. Senior Member

    What do you think about :xxx reserves to take account of using innovative solutions / xxx reserves to contemplate the use of innovative solutions ?They seem to me more appropriate for the context.
  6. la rossa Senior Member

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    Grazie a tutti!

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