Valutare una possibile collaborazione commerciale

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Un Tizio, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. Un Tizio New Member

    Io dovrei tradurre questo

    " abbiamo ritenuto di contattarvi per valutare una possibile collaborazione commerciale"

    Ho provato con

    "we decided to contact you to contemplate a possible business collaboration"

    È giusto? se volete posso fornirvi tutto il testo da cui è estrapolato
  2. Murphy

    Murphy Senior Member

    Sicily, Italy
    English, UK
    We have decided to contact you with a view to assessing the possibility of a future business collaboration.
  3. Un Tizio New Member

    Thanks a lot, Murphy
  4. phillyitalianstudent Senior Member

    English, U.S.A.
    It depends on your existing relationship with the recipient of the letter. Are you writing to someone with whom you have already been in touch, whom you have met and spoken with? Or is the letter being sent unsolicited to a stranger?

    The tone of your letter implies it is the latter case. You can make it sound more native with minor changes:

    "We are contacting you to see whether you might be interested in considering a possible business collaboration."

    P.S. I just saw Murphy's reply, which is excellent.
  5. Murphy

    Murphy Senior Member

    Sicily, Italy
    English, UK
    This definitely sounds more friendly than my suggestion, so I agree it's a better formula for an unsolicited letter :thumbsup:
  6. Un Tizio New Member

    Mmm, the present continuous doesn't convince me: the phrase begin with " Conoscendo la Vostra impresa, la tipologia dei prodotti che trattate ed il settore di vendita"

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