Valutare un'altra opportunità

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by pizzicotta, May 9, 2012.

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    Ciao a tutti :)

    Sto traducendo la seguente frase in inglese: "Tuttavia sto valutando anche un'altra opportunità, perciò vi chiedo massimo 10 giorni per darvi una risposta definitiva, sempre che siate d'accordo ad aspettare."

    My attempt: "However, I am also considering/assessing/evaluating another opportunity, therefore I kindly ask you to wait ten days at the longest before I give you my final answer, provided of course that you agree/only if you agree of course."

    Aspetto con ansia le vostre correzioni, indicazioni e i vostri suggerimenti! ;)

    Grazie mille
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    However, I am also considering another opportunity; therefore I kindly ask if you could give me at most ten days to give you my final answer, if that would be agreeable with you.
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    That's definitely better :)

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