1. CumboBaz

    CumboBaz Senior Member

    Vamanos is a word that confuses me.

    I know Vamos = lets go (1st person plural indicative of 'ir') and vamanos seems to mean the same?

    But where does vamanos come from - is something to do with adding the direct object pronoun os/nos on to the end of a conjugated verb in the imperative?

    Puedes ayudarme, por favor.

    Gracias de antemano

  2. Snoop Puss Senior Member

    Brit now living in Spain
    Are you sure it shouldn't be "vámonos", meaning "let's go"?
  3. CumboBaz

    CumboBaz Senior Member

    SnoopPuss - If I google vamanos I get all sort of hits, e.g....

    Dora the Explorer Talking Vamanos Van: Toys & Games
  4. selekkkkka Senior Member

    It's vámonos. Try reading up in previous posts. The meaning is similar but vamos and vámonos are not always interchangeable.

  5. salvamea4545 Senior Member

    Boston, MA
    Colombia, Spanish
    Sometimes you might find SOOO many mistakes in the spelling (even in the web)...the real word is Vámonos.
  6. Snoop Puss Senior Member

    Brit now living in Spain
    I've just tried Googling "vamanos". Not one of the hits on the first three pages is written in Spanish. That says it all, CumboBaz.

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