Vamos al grano and more


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Hello, Im a college Spanish student and I have to often translate films. Can anyone help me out with the following phrases?

Se acabo, se acabo , y ni modo"

"el que no tranza no avanza"

Echarse encima

Me pasan por los cuelles

Vamos al grano

Te invito a una chavaca

Up front



  • Stoichkov8

    spain spanish
    Vamos al grano= lets go to the point
    Pandilla=gang(not a bad one)
    Pillo in Spain is a sneaky person "badboy"
    Up front= Arriba? I think they may mean a girls "bumpers" lol
    Echarse encima= jump on someone.
    Se acabo, se acabo= Its over , its over.
    Te invito a una chavaca = i invite you to a ____
    El que no tranza no avanza= He who doesnt ___doesnt advance.
    Those expresions are from South America so i dont know all of them.