Vamos or Vaminos?

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  1. Christina01 New Member

    English U.S
    Do they both mean the same thing, and why are they different?
  2. Henrik Larsson Banned

    "Vamos" is correct... "Vaminos" is incorrect.

    I suppose you meant "Vámonos", right?
  3. Numaios Senior Member

    España (castellano)
    "Vamos" can mean "we go", as present tense, or "let's go".
    "Vámonos" can only mean "let's go".

    But there is a difference even when it's used in the "let's go" sense: we say "vamos" when the place where you are is indifferent, and what it is important is the destination place. But we say "vámonos" when what it's important is the fact of leaving the place where you are (for example, because it's boring, because you're tired, whatever).

    "Vamos al cine" (let's go to the cinema)
    "Vámonos de este bar tan cutre" (let's get out of this crappy bar) [in this case, you can't say "vamos de este bar"]
    "Vámonos a casa, ya es muy tarde" (let's go home, it's really late) [in this case you could also say "vamos a casa"]


    Oh, I forgot: "¡Vamos!" can also mean "Come on!"

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