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What is fascinating is how much of Eclipse's language parrots the language of the never-ending abortion debate. "I envy you. You had a choice," Rosalie (Nikki Reed), Edward's vampire "sister" tells Bella. Rosalie was turned a century or so ago by a kindly vampire who found her dying in the street after a gang rape led by her fiancé (now that is a vampire after-school special).

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What is vampire after-school special, according to dictionary, it might be some adolescence TV program, and what it is come out the vampire.

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    美之大成, 汉语
    I know that, after school TV program thing, I can get it from google, dictionary,

    I can not get is the logical context here , what is it between this fiance ganster rape and vampire after-school special


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    Apart from being a particular style of show, an “after-school special” is a term associated with telling moral tales to teenagers, often about how it is bad to take drugs, have sex, and have abortions. It is also associated with bad acting and over simplified storylines (except Degrassi of course). A character that makes a ‘bad’ choice will suffer very bad consequences. For example, a girl who has an abortion will regret it and her life will be unsuccessful whereas a girl who decides to keep a baby, even if she is a child herself will be richly rewarded in life. They often considered very emotionally manipulative.

    I would think the author you quote is saying Rosalie’s story fits in with that concept. It acts in the story as a lesson to Bella, saying abortion is bad and she must have the child. They have called it a “Vampire after-school special” purely because the character is one.
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