van a ir

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Allen Koo

Hola amigos en el mundo

i was confused about below three setences in my textbook.

1. ¿Como van a ir a la bilioteca David Y su mana ?
2. ¿Adonde van a ir Luisa Y Pepe ?
3. ¿Van a ir al aeropuerto porque van a salir de viaje?

van and ir are the same word. why do they repeat there ?
is it a mistake or just to emphasize something ?

  • juandiego

    Senior Member
    Spanish from Spain
    Hi Allen.
    It is very similar to the English construction for the near future "to be going to + infinitive verb":
    How are they going to go to the library David and his mommy?
    Where are Luisa and Pepe going to go?
    Are they going to go to the airport because they are going to start a journey?
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