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This question only goes out to Latin American Spanish speakers that are from continental Latin America, not the Caribbean.

What word do you use for the vehicle that is called "van" in English. I know that in the Caribbean it's called "una guagua", what it's called in Spain is irrelavent to me. I learned Spanish in la costena caribena de Colombia where it's called "una guagua" also. I was just curious as to what it is in other places.

Gracias =]
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    Guagua is bus in the Caribbean, not van.

    For van, I've heard both una van and una furgoneta.
    Yes, guagua is bus in the Caribbean, but it is definitely also used for van. I work with Puerto Ricans and Dominicans on a daily basis and live in a city filled with them. That, and I grew up in Miami(specifically Hialeah) where the Cuban population dominates all others and they too use guagua for bus as well as van.

    Thanks for the new one though. I've never heard "furgoneta" used before.


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    I've never heard "furgoneta" outside of Spain, but who knows.

    In Mexico, a "camioneta" is a van, pickup truck, a variety of recreational vehicles now popular, and station wagons. You could almost say that a camioneta is everything between a regular car and a heavy truck.

    Camion means truck, and camioneta is basically a small truck.

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