vapeur à condensat non recyclés



I can't figure out how to translate this expression:

"....utilisant des procès à forte consommation d’eau chaude ou de vapeur à condensat non recyclés.. "

using high consumption of hot water or of vapour XXXXXX

I know that vapeur is vapour and condensat is condansate and non recycles is not recycled but I cant make sense out of it...

  • Hi,

    I won't be able to give you the proper translation but a kind of literal translation:
    A "condensat" is the result of a condensation in chemistry vocabulary, and condensation is the physical transition of a gaseous state to a solid state.
    I would awkwardly translate by:
    "using high consumption of hot water or of vapours with non-recycled condensation products".

    I hope it will help :)
    I thought that condensat is a liquid, I checked it in a grandictionnaire and they provide a definition:
    Liquide résultant de la condensation d'un gaz (vapeur) par échange de chaleur.
    Liquide formé par condensation d'une vapeur.
    Grrrr.... I have written a complete answer about your sentence, explaining why some points are vague as it is not (in my opinion) written correctly in French. But all was lost because of forum emergency maintenance.

    I came to the conclusion that the best translation would be:
    "using high consumption of hot water or vapours of non-recycled condensates"
    Working in steam installations and process, I can tell you that the condensat is the returned hot water (which was steam at first) coming back from the equipments and/or machines and returning to the boiler to be re-heated.
    But before getting in the boiler, this condensat is stored in a tank (called in French '' Bâche'').
    Note that the steam can reach to 138°C with 6 up to 8 Bars of pressure
    and the condensat can be situated between 80° approximatively to 95°C.
    So we may say that Condesat is return steam flow became hot water and coming from equipments and going back t the Boiler via the tank.

    Bye..... Serge