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Term: vaping
(informal use)

Your definition and explanation:

Electronical alternative to smoking or inhaling/exhaling vapors by using e-cigarettes.

It is a truncated word which comes most likely from either the verb, 'vaporize' or the noun, 'vaporizer'.

There are two noun derivatives: a) 'vape' which is an e-cigar, b)'vaper' which means an e-cigarette user.

First reference of the term: 1980s.

(An example of the term in use)

E-cig users are forbidden to enjoy vaping in public transportation.

One or more places you have seen the term:

1.In many Health and Medical Research Online Articles: "Interviews with 'vapers': Implications for Future Research with Electronic Cigaretes" (in "Nicotine Tobacco Research, volunteer 13, no.9, 2011) by Ph.D. Amy McQueen

2.There are many links for this term on the Internet (Netlingo reference, ("A Vape Blog for Vapers since 2009")

3. WRF thread title: "epic vape".

Have you looked for this term meaning in dictionaries :tick: and not found it:

1. Found in Oxford Dictionaries Online. :tick:
2. It does not have an entry in Merriam-Webster's Dictionary. :cross:
3.The single entry it has in the "" is only related to marijuana. :cross:
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    It's becoming extremely valid once the law against the traditional smoking has passed in many European countries. Romanians have just forbidden smoking in every public place so, e-cigars will replace the ordinary cigarettes, and vaping will mark a new business trend.


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    Funnily enough, it is already becoming widespread in Polish, though only as a verb (*wapować).


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    I wouldn't use the words "e-cigarette" or "e-cigar" in any new definition. They are already outmoded. I'm a vaper myself and everyone refers to the machines as "vapes." The word "e-cigarette" calls to mind those old tube-like vapes with an LED at the end, mimicking a real cigarette (similar in size to the current JUUL). The slightly later word "vape pen" (or "e-hookah") was current during the era of longer but also tube-like vapes. My current model, which is a common one, looks like this (photo attached).

    It's not a cigarette, a cigar, or a pen, but more like a box with a nozzle coming out (the boxy part is approx. 2.5" by 2"). This basic shape is the most common one now.

    I'd have the headword be vaporizer (or vape), when referring to the machine.

    EDIT: I wouldn't use "e-cigarette" or "e-cigar" as an umbrella term equivalent to "vape." I would still include them as dictionary words, but with the explanation that these are types of vapes. You can vape without using an "e-cigarette."


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