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    In the last verse of Yunus Emre's poem 'Şol cennetın ırmakları', he writes:-
    'Miskin Yunus var dostuna
    Koma (koyma?) bugünü yarına
    Yarın Hakk'ın divanına
    Varam Allah deyü deyü.'
    I don't understand 'varam'. It must mean something like 'we will stand before the royal court of God' but can anyone tell me the significance of 'varam'?
    'Poor Yunus go to the Beloved
    Do not put today into tomorrow
    Tomorrow at the royal court of God
    Varam(??), chanting Allah, Allah'.
    Does it mean 'I will arrive'.....
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  2. Rallino Moderatoúrkos

    Yes :)
    It must be a dialectal form of varayım, as is deyü, which is diye.
  3. rupertbrooke Senior Member

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    Or it ıs jussive/ imperative 'let me arrive'. I have just finished translating the poem mentioned above of Yunus Emre. It is intoxicating stuff but my efforts have been well worth it. Thank you, Rallino, for helping me add the finishing touch. I find the poems of the Sufis put to shame the suicide bombers & men of violence of Islam & all aggressive systems of belief. Their sheer love of God eclipses all unworthy imaginings & instils adoration of Him who is beyond all limitations & comprehension.
  4. Bi50likdaha New Member

    var mak , to reach or arrive.
    Varam , I reach or arrive.
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    Thanks, Bi50likdaha.
    I found the same word again in another poem of Yunus:-
    Geldim uş yine varam yine Rahman'ım bulam
    'I come & lo! I will return & find my Kındly One again'.
    I note your contribution. It all helps my faltering footsteps in Turkish mystical poetry.

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