variant of the name "Justyna"


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Hello, friends!

This week I met a Polish girl in a Portuguese class. In said class, we use Portuguese versions of our names to help us learn Portuguese names. My name Matthew is Matheus, for example.

I wanted to know, how is "Justina" rendered in Polish? I have seen the name "Justyna", which is very similar, but I think my new friend said that her name in Polish had an "eu" in it. Can it be "Jeustyna" or something like that? I wanted to know how to write her name correctly. Thank you very much! Dziękuję!
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    The spelling of the forename in question is as you wrote in the title of this thread, i.e. Justyna.



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    Thank you very much for your replies!
    Her name is indeed "Justyna", you two were both right, and I thank you!
    Maybe she was refering to the pronunciation, as you mention. When she told me her name, we were in a very noisy room and my hearing was not to be trusted, and that's why I opened this tread. . . to verify it all! :)
    And Jana, thank you very much for keeping us on track!!! I didn't feel wonderful about some of those comments and now they are gone. You're a great admin!