variazioni tessiturali (geofisica)


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Hello once again,

Now I'm struggling with "variazioni tessiturali" in the context of soil. I've found "tessitural" on-line but only in what are probably overly literal translations. Does "structural differences" (which appears in similar English texts) sound right to you Italians?

My attempt for the red part:

In the portion of terrain studied, eventual compositional or structural differences can be circumscribed by performing a simple visual contrastive analysis between resistivity values...

Ogni materiale presente nel sottosuolo è rappresentato da un range di resistività caratteristico che ne permette l’identificazione. Nella porzione di terreno investigata possono essere circoscritte eventuali variazioni composizionali o tessiturali effettuando una semplice analisi di contrasto visiva tra i valori di resistività, rappresentati con diversi colori sull’immagine bidimensionale della sezione (in base alla scala cromatica associata).
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    I think you have been distracted by a "false friend". Sansoni gives eventuale as "any, possible, probable", so I think "any/possible compositional or structural differences" would be better, although I realise that this wasn't the point of your question. I can't find a suitable translation of tessiturali, but it's hard to imagine what it could be other than structural.

    In fact, this extract seems to be saying that there are actually fewer differences than first appearances suggest, in which case my translation would be along the lines of:

    " is possible to lessen the apparent level of compositional and structural variation by performing a simple visual analysis of resistivity values...".
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