Various offers including "weekly" rates and "monthly" rates

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Hi everyone!

When the subject is very long, is it possible to move it to the
end of the sentence like Sentence 2 ?

Sentence 1
(1)Various offers including "weekly" rates and "monthly" rates are available.

Sentence 2
(2)Various offers are available including "weekly" rates and "monthly" rates.

Thank you.
  • moguwai007

    Yes. I understand that the subject is "Various offers including weekly rates and monthly rates". My question should been "Is it possible to separate the subject and move a part of it to the end of the sentence like Sentence 2 ?


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    English - U.S.
    Yes, that is possible. Personally, I'd put a comma after available in Sentence 2, but that's a matter of style. I think it makes it easier for readers to grasp the structure of the sentence at a glance.

    I also wouldn't put weekly or monthly in quotation marks. They are ordinary words, used in their ordinary sense to describe the rates. There is no need to call special attention to them.

    Beryl from Northallerton

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    British English
    Both sentences are fine in my view. Some might argue that they are both in need of commas. (Cross-posted: I certainly agree with there being no need for quotation marks.)
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