variously vs variably

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Can I use both variously and variably in the following sentence to say that in many ways or in a wide vareity of ?

People use computers in many ways.
people use computers variously.
People use computers variably.
People use computers in a wide vareity of ways.
  • Florentia52

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    I like your first and last sentences best.

    "People use computers variously" is grammatically correct although a bit formal

    "People use computers variably." :cross:


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    You could also say "People use computers in various ways".

    "Variably" means that the manners in which people use computers are constantly changing, not that people use them in different ways.

    "Variously" works grammatically, as Florentia52 said, but sounds incredibly unnatural (at least in American English).



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    Only the first and last sentences are both correct and natural, in my opinion.

    Please note that the correct spelling is variety (not "vareity").
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