varying degree of interaction

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I'm trying to translate the following sentence for an essay on travel writing:
The different modes of transport allow a varying degree of interaction with the exotic landscape, and thus a varying degree of interaction with the other.

My effort so far:
Les moyens de transport différents permettent l’interaction diverse avec le paysage exotique et donc une interaction diverse avec l’autre.

Any suggestions or corrections greatly appreciated! :)
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    Je traduirais ainsi (c'est proche de ta translation Doconne3): "Les différents moyens de transport donnent à vivre différentes interactions avec le paysage exotique et donc différentes interactions avec les habitants". ("l'autre" existe et est cmpréhensible, mais sonne un peu bizarrement en frnaçais.)


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    But how is the "varying degree" translated? To me, it should emphasize that sometimes there's very little interaction, sometimes there's a lot. To me "different" or "varying" refers more to the type of interaction (ex.: physical? emotional?...)

    I would love to see another translation for this concept (it would coincidentally help with something I'm writing ;))! Anyone?
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