VAT inclusive or VAT included?

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How do sellers usually write in the product label?

1) Prices are VAT inclusive
2) Prices are VAT included
3) Prices are subject to VAT

I'm not sure whether they say "VAT included", do they? And if I write VAT inclusive, does it sound normally? Don't I need to use any hyphen here? By these sentences I want to say that some kind of tax is already included in the price, so the price is final.
  • Uncle Jack

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    British English
    #1 and #3 are fine, but they have opposite meanings. Rover_KE's alternative is fine as well and means the same as your #1.

    Where prices have to include VAT by law (most goods in retail stores in Europe, for example), it is rare to find any mention of VAT on a price label.

    You can use 'VAT included' on its own (after the price, for example), but not 'prices are VAT included'
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