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    Hi all!
    On Wikipedia there are some list of translations of the
    Value added tax identification number (VATIN):

    In Czech:

    Daňové identifikační číslo (DIČ)

    In Lithuanian:

    PVM mokėtojo kodas (PVM) (PVM means Pridėtinės vertės mokestis)
    All follows be read: Pridėtinės vertės mokesčio mokėtojo kodas.

    In Latvian:
    Pievienotās vērtības nodokļa (PVN) reģistrācijas numurs (PVN)

    and so on (see here)
    I wander, how do You say it in other languages than mentioned in inserted link?

    Other problem is (in Czech: IČ or IČO) but as all is needed to be placed in its own thread, ... ...
    Thread name is VATIN not VAT number! Sometimes it is different terminus technicus!
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