1. federico-57 New Member

    U.S.A. English
    Hola amigos,

    Soy nuevo aquí y estoy alegro para su lugar. mi nivel de espanol es como intermediato pero mi esposa es justo aprender.

    Por eso a veces cuando digo alguna cosa o palabra ella preguntaría que es?

    Quiero saber que significa vato o bato. hace muchos años he usado esta palabra pensar que significa como
    "dude" o "buddy" pero con un color poquito negro. por ejemplo,

    eh, vato? como esta? significa hey dude, how you doing?

    Sé que hay otra tradución. Es mas de un color negro y es como "eh vato, no lo haga aqui." significa como
    hey a-hole, don't do that here.

    mi dicionario dice que bato significa "simpleton" o "father" en englais y no tiene vato. si pueden, por favor quiero su ayuda.

    muchas gracias

  2. Chemical_Romance Senior Member

    Panama City
    jajaja well, Federico, what i know is that BATO means a person that has NO job and lives like a Ganster. It is like a term between mexican groups. That´s what i heard. I´m not sure, but you can use Bato as Dude...
  3. radiolibre Member

    Eastern Seaboard, USA
    I'm pretty sure it's vato.
  4. Kibramoa

    Kibramoa Senior Member

    Heart of Texas, U.S.A.
    Spanish - MX
    Welcome to the forums!
    I agree with Chemical Romance, it is an equivalent for "dude" or "guy".
    Here is a previous thread.
    The movie "Blood in-Blood out Bound by honor uses that word a lot (it is very violent and a bit gory). The street gang/brotherhood is called "Vatos Locos". They actually use the V to spell it as it is easier to "spell" with your fingers V L.
  5. Isiltasuna

    Isiltasuna Senior Member

    Gipuzkoa, Euskadi
    Spain, Spanish + Basque
    de las cosas que se entera una,
    I dind't have any idea, I never heard it before.
  6. radiolibre Member

    Eastern Seaboard, USA
    It's the same as saying "dude" or "man".

    Oye vato, tienes un cigarro?
    Hey man, how about a cigarette?
  7. federico-57 New Member

    U.S.A. English
    Muchas gracias amigos. Es como pensé, i.e. es una palabra que depende del contexto, pero frequentemente lo sería visto como crudo.

    quiero decir otra vez, estoy muy alegre encontrar este foro. Disfruto aprender español y es maravilloso encontrar a tantos amigos que a también gusta esto

    Hasta luego y vaya con Dios.

  8. landaverde New Member

    Guys. I'm mexican and also lived in many cities around my country. I love languages and the different expressions of them according to the regions I find fascinating. Definitely vato or bato (I just checked the spelling in the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language's page) can have many aceptions. But none of them are unpolite. They are just slang. It may have another gangsta' feeling going on in the US or around the border. But for all of us mexicans it is just a way of saying dude. Now, I personally don't use it that much, neither my friends because it's more used by young people that are still at college. My brothers call me vato and their friends. But I would say you do need some level of trust to call someone like that. I wouldn't like to be called vato by someone on the street.

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